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Our solutions

We measure different environmental conditions during transport with smart trackers that are all connected to our innovative smart logistics platform.

Our platform

Our cloud-based platform gives you valuable data insights at any device at any time 24/7. Our platform is the key to your success so you can improve your customer experience, reduce your costs and increase the quality of your products.

  • Easy to use and extremely user friendly
  • Create and share pro-active alerts and notifications
  • Get data insights about all your shipments
  • Cloud-based platform available on every device
  • Upload documents/pictures

The trackers: Because everyone likes to have smart logistics

We developed different types of smart trackers that are all connected to our innovative smart logistics platform so you can increase your supply chain visibility. The smart trackers can measure different types of environmental conditions such as:

Air Pressure
* These are coming soon
Contact us to see which tracker fits best to your use case

Our trackers

All our trackers are produced under the highest quality standards. Depending on the use case we have different types of smart trackers available:

  • Different trackers based on NFC, Bluetooth or Real-Time
  • All trackers are robust, easy to use and affordable
  • Trackers are always accurate and calibrated
  • Different battery options from 10 days until 5 years
  • Sustainable Trackcol recycling program is applicable for all trackers